London Mela - 2018

The Malea was maaaaaad, the biggest turnout to date since the beginning

HIGHBrow Sessions:  Doni Brasco (Portablist)

Portablism moments

HIGHBrow Sessions: Otis (Jam)

Otis is an amazing performer and currently works the wedding scene (you may have seen him about), but away from that glitz and glamour he loves nothing more than a good old jam.

HIGHBrow Sessions: Swaati (Accoustic)

Swaati is one amazing singer who is part of the Brasco familia, I decided to strip all the glitz away and show you simple beauty

HIGHBrow Sessions: J Cue (Juggle)

Jay hails originally from Ireland Lived in the Uk then got head hunted to move to Hong Kong to be one of the sickest hip hop turntablists in Asia. When he came down to the UK for his residency at Ministry had to get him to show us a little skill

HIGHBrow Sessions: Doc Bladez

Thank god for the internet and other geeks talking about each other, through alot of connections i picked Doc Bladez up from east ham station to bring him back for a cut it up session. Rest was history. Co Founder Panjabi Scratch Addicts

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